Hi, thanks for wanting to know more about Consequence of Change and perhaps who I am!  I'm a passionate lover of the arts as most of my family work in the creative field.  My son was really the main reason behind me starting this brand.  He is an amazing illustrator and I saw how he would submit his work to websites like Red Bubble and Society 6 and be lucky if he got $2 if someone chose his work.  Not only that there was no sense of exclusivity as his pieces could be put on anything from a mug to a tee shirt.  So I decided to explore how I could work with artists in a more meaningul way to create a bespoke runs of bags that would bring joy to customers.  Collaborating with artists, illustrators and graphic designers from all around the globe makes everyday wonderful.  I so hope you love what we do and become part of our community.
   Beverley xxxx
Sustainability is always on our minds when we start working on our collections.  We are taking baby steps with pieces made out of natural materials wherever possible. We have made all attempts to avoid plastic in packaging and we are also committed to only providing smaller collection runs to avoid waste.  However it is a journey that takes time as most suppliers don't want to work with small brands so it sometimes defeats the purpose.  But we will keep on going!
We are very excited to be supporting Sewing the Seeds Project. 
Sewing the Seeds utilises creativity and enterprise to break the cycle of poverty for Indian women. They are creating an environment of self determinism and economic independence for marginalised women by harnessing their local craft traditions.  $1 from each Consequence of Change sale will go towards the charity.
If you'd like to learn more about our brand story you can on My brand Journey - click here to read more.