Oh, hey you! We’re Consequence of Change.

And we’re not your average fashion label. We’re a small (but super passionate) brand based in Melbourne, Australia, and we collaborate with both local and international creators to design colourful and quirky limited edition art you can wear.

 Yep, wearable art is our jam. Because we believe art deserves to be admired anywhere and everywhere; on the train during your morning commute, while swung over your shoulder when visiting the local market, or when carried on your back as you hop on a plane.

 We’re big on colour and creativity, and passionate about supporting artists by providing them with a platform to get their art out to market in a way that’s both fun and accessible. Our creators are paid up front for their work, and our team works hard towards minimising our impact on the planet. 

 When you shop with Consequence of Change, you’ll find a range of vibrant and unique products that you won’t find anywhere else. Our founder carefully curates every collection, so you can be sure each piece is an alluring, colourful and high quality one that’ll stand out from the crowd.

 After shopping with us? We pinky promise you’ll never ever attend another birthday brunch without someone asking where on earth you got that beautiful top, dress or bag from.

Beverley xxxx


 If you'd like to learn more about our brand story you can on My brand Journey - click here to read more.