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What if you could wrap the warm sun of Australia around your body all day long, just like a warm, Summer hug?  Introducing the Puffer Coat heats up all day long, is made from recyclable materials, has an attachable bag and removable sleeves!  Plus a stunning lining featuring unique artwork by Indigenous artist Niketa Laws. You don't want to miss out on this!

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Nano Heating Technology

Placements + Settings

Coat will have 3 nano technology heating panels, 2 on the chest and one on the back with 4 heat settings

USB Chargeable

The panels are USB chargeable and can sustain heat all day. The one power pack heats ALL panels. Each coat comes with a FREE power pack.


The Nano heating technology is waterproof and washing machine safe. How good is that?

Features & benefits of detachable bag

Founder imageFounder image

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About Our Artist:
Niketa Law

At Consequence of Change we collaborate with artists to design unique, limited edition products. Niketa is a traditional, contemporary Aboriginal artist. Her inspiration for Barambah Winds created exclusively for us came from experiencing the Barambah winds herself. These winds are strong, they change their direction so quickly and the sound they make is intense. This inspired us to create our multi seasonal jacket, nano heating for when the winds are strong, and removable sleeves to create a vest for when they are not.

Beverley Johnson
- Founder

Hi there! I'm a passionate lover of the arts. To me fashion and art are inseparable. At Consequence of Change we create limited edition art bags and provide a platform for emerging artists to step into the limelight. Each piece tells a story and says as much about the wearer as about the artwork. We have been creating our bespoke bags for a couple of years completely bootstrapped by me and now it is time to expand into other categories with your help!

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