Shop for Change!

It's an exciting time. Social movements are launching. We're engaging. Social enterprises are growing. We're buying. Although we need this to scale. Sadly 30% of the world still lives on $1 per day.

Weaving philanthropy into our everyday purchases, represents one of the most powerful opportunities to create a new funding stream and positively impact communities around the world.

At Cosequence of Change we want to create positive change. Although how can it be simple, as we go about our busy lives? 

Luckily we found i=Change who have built a uniquely simple platform that achieves exactly this. They allow us to give back from every sale - and you choose where it goes after checking out.

It's also 100% transparent. 'Track your impact' on their website and see how much your purchase has helped raise and where it's going, in real-time!

With your dollar, you're choosing change.