Art is our passion. We create bespoke collectors’ items you can wear. Add to that our emphasis on promoting artists, graphic designers and illustrators and a social conscious, you have a powerful combination. You have Consequence of Change.

Being a part of the Consequence of Change movement is an appreciation of bold aesthetics and playful ideas. We focus on providing an experience beyond simply the end product, and have a passion for making a positive impact led to the creation of Consequence of Change.

In collaboration with the art community we have identified the missing piece in the fashion industry: wearable art. Acting as both a platform for artists and a vehicle for social and environmental change, Consequence of Change has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2019.

We curates each piece by connecting with artists, illustrators and graphic designers from all around the globe. Each bespoke artwork slots perfectly onto every limited edition bag or garment to share with the world.


Our proudest triumphs lie in our ability to support projects promoting social growth and change. We are, and always will be, committed to promoting equality, social mobility for the disadvantaged and education for all. 
To that end, we have been fortunate enough to become involved with the Sewing the Seeds Project. We are honoured to support this incredible initiative which helps marginalised women in India develop economic independence through their craft.

Learn more about the incredible work of the Sewing the Seeds Project here

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