The Go Anywhere Bag


It's all about the details with our Go Anywhere neoprene bag. This amazing print is by Max Johnson who specialises in interesting designs that invites the viewer to decide on the meaning. 

All our bags are limited edition runs so you get to have something unique that only 25 people can have.  These prints are never repeated.

The Go Anywhere neoprene bag will take you, well, wherever you want to go. It’s big enough to be your gym bag, brilliant for uni or work, and perfect for overnight stays or even for longer adventures.  Neoprene is both durable and lightweight with the additional bonus of being waterproof.

Our limited edition design on the front middle panel extends inside to the zip top. It also features an adjustable shoulder strap and a generous inside zip pocket to keep those loose items safe.  It's art you can take anywhere!


50cm x 42cm x 16cm

Max is a Graphic Designer and Artist.  He specialises bright, eclectic prints and characters. There is always a hidden meaning behind his work.  You just have to find it.  Instagram @max.gif

You can read Max's Q&A's here

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