Why we love print on print

Prep Your Wardrobe for #PrintOnPrint, the ultimate Power Play.

Daunted thinking about wearing one pattern, let alone two (or three or four!)? It’s ok. We completely understand and we are here to put your mind & confidence at ease. 

Mixing prints, patterns & all forms of wearable art is the ultimate power play.  

What about the “rules” of fashion? Well, it is 2021 & that grants a certain fashion freedom where (most!) of the old-school rules we’ve grown up with are slashed, irrelevant, OVER. 

Saying that, we’ve put together a helpful guide to get you started on your merry way with mixing, matching & marrying prints with prints. 

Name your Alfa. Pick one print to be the feature/accent/dominant

The ultimate act of mixing & matching prints and patterns screams (positive) rebellion & chaos. But that’s why we love it. Break up with the status quo. Be uniquely you, in your truest, freest form. 

Where to start? Select your statement piece. Not quite sure if it is your dress, your top or your pants? Pick the busiest pattern & that’s it. Coordinate your second (and third and fourth) piece accordingly. Our tip, wearable separates - curate your print-on-print power look with a patterned bag, wallet or headpiece.

We love how Prada has taken print on print to the next level

Prada print on print WGSN

Size matters 

Select patterns with different shapes, sizes & structures. Take thick stripes & add tiny spots, detailed florals & add grid prints. 

We love pairing a classic print with a modern pattern - you’ll be the envy of all self-stylists. 

Empower yourself to say yes to prints typically outside your comfort zone. The effect? A visually alluring & intriguing fashion statement. 

The break-up

Give your double-print combo a little space. Break up the print-on-print look with a neutral element;  a monochrome belt, bag strap, scarf. 

A little detail like this will MAKE your look a whole lot smarter. 

Spice up your life (subtly)

Love the idea of prints & patterns but your wardrobe is strictly neutral? That’s ok. Let’s start there. 

Find yourself a simple, subtly patterned dress or pants & pair it with a bold, colourful, outspoken printed accessory, like a waist-bag. This subtle trick is your key to striking the balance & finding your medium.

Considered combinations & clashes

The rules are out, however that doesn’t necessarily mean anything goes. 

More is definitely more when it comes to wearable art & it’s all about layers. Consider combinations of clothing & accessories that tell a story, that have a flow. See this example from Missoni:

Missoni WGSN print on print

Then remember, the biggest consideration - CONFIDENCE!. 

Go on, grab all your prints & patterns - it’s play time!  

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