Q & A with Xander Holliday

How would you describe your work?
Playful and fun my work is graphic with a focus on form and shape. I use bold colour and confidently combine colours to create an uplifting mood within the work.
Can you give us some insight into your process for creating your artworks? 
I usually sketch ideas digitally first. This gives me the freedom to play with colours and combinations. I then translate the work to canvas, painting what I have drawn. Saying that, I am finding that I just pick up the paintbrush and start painting more and more. These impromptu works often lead me to new places and have become an integral part of my evolving practice.

Is there a typical day in the studio or is every day different
Everyday is different but I do have a loose structure to each work day. After my morning duties of feeding and walking the dogs I’ll have a coffee at my desk and work through any admin tasks. If I’m painting that day it's not a long commute as my studio is at home. I could lie and say I listen to music or a thought provoking podcast while I paint but the reality is, I watch TV, or more that it is on in the background. 

What inspires you when you are creating your artworks?
I get inspired by colour combinations, particularly those that are unexpected. Recently I have been exploring pairing earthy browns and neutrals with bright pinks and purples. I think searching for that epic combination is part of the driving forces behind creating a new artwork.

What would your dream project/collaboration be (apart from working with Consequence of Change!?
So many things I would love to do but one is I would love to work with Bonnie and Neil on a range of screen printed cushions and tableware. They have such an eye for colour and love when they do bold, graphic screen prints. 

Who are your favourite artists and why?
I love the boldness of Stephen Ormandy and his big graphic shapes. His work is aspirational. 

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