Q & A with Niketa Law

How would you describe your work?

I would say it’s a combination of Traditional and Contemporary Aboriginal Art. I pay homage to my Traditional roots by storytelling and the Contemporary aspect is in the colours I use and the style I use. I live my life with a foot in both worlds, my hope is that this comes through in my style of Art.

Can you give us some insight into your process for creating your artworks?

With ‘Barambah Winds’ I started this process like I do with most of my Art on paper. Line work in Aboriginal Art has always intrigued me so this was my first attempt at this style. My inspiration for this painting came from experiencing the Barambah winds myself. These winds are strong, they change their direction so quickly and the sound they make is intense. I felt obliged to create a drawing. The colours are what I see here on Wakka Wakka Country.

 Is there a typical day in the studio or is every day different?

 I work full time so for myself creativity can strike at any time. I tend to draw a lot and anywhere I can! Old school on paper, or on my iPad. I have countless diary’s full of drawings. I’m lucky in that I do have a space at home where I have things set up ready for me to put paint on the canvas.

What inspires you when you are creating your artworks?

I believe that my imagination is a gift that I am blessed to have. The Art I create is my voice and how I use it is by pushing the boundaries whether it be subject matter, or colours etc. Inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere!

What would your dream project/collaboration be (apart from working with Consequence of Change!?

It was always my dream to have an exhibition thankfully that dream has since come true, I’m due to have my third exhibition next year. I would love to see my art somewhere where a lot of people can see it. Like somewhere in a major city would be great! Never in a million years would I have dreamed that my art would be worn so I’m incredibly thankful to Consequence of Change for reaching out to me and making this happen!

Who are your favourite artists and why?

I couldn’t narrow it down! I have always looked and admired the many variations of Aboriginal Art. All so different yet all done by people who share the same culture. Aboriginal Art is our stories on the canvas for everyone to see. Being that vulnerable is refreshing and inspires me to dig deep. I also love that it is our art only something we do. I am proud to be an Aboriginal Artist.

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