Q & A with Max Johnson

How would you describe your work?
Really I’m just a passionate creative in all senses of the word. Nothing quite brings me joy like making something out of nothing (I’m not an extremely joyous person). The many design processes from researching, sketching, user testing to finally seeing the finished product. It’s a feeling that I have yet to match. I genuinely love it.
Can you give us some insight into your process for creating your artworks?
Nothing special. I just sit down and create from how I am feeling at the time.  It can take me in many different directions.
Is there a typical day in the studio or is every day different?
Coffee in the morning + good music.  I also need to have a positive attitude and be having a good day for the work to flow.
What inspires you when you are creating your artworks?
Anything & everything, really.  I can't go anywhere without finding something that inspires me.  I do find walking the streets of melbourne and seeing all the amazing street art gives me things to think about.
What would your dream project/collaboration be (apart from working with Consequence of Change!?
I would like to design the print of a puffy gore-tex jacket for Uniqlo.
Who are your favourite artists and why?
At the moment I’ve been admiring James Jarvis. He’s a good example that less can be more. He does some great collaborations too.

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