Need Neoprene: Your New Everyday Staple Accessory, No Matter the Occasion

Industrial meet FASHION. A tech-forward, go-to material making its mark on the fashion world. A staple in the wardrobes and on the arms of boss babes, yogis, mummas, beach lovers & fashionistas alike. Discover neoprene, your new everyday staple accessory.

Neoprene Bag

 Rewind the clock

Throwback to the 1930s (almost 100 years ago!) when rubber supplies across the globe were running low, American chemists came to the rescue with a (better) synthetic, sustainable form of rubber; NEOPRENE. One of the most multi-purposeful materials in the world, this go-to tech fabric has been used in all different industries...Most recently, FASHION.

 What even is neoprene?

Resistant to high heats, water, grease & oil (goodbye stains!), neoprene is a magical material that can endure even the most extreme environments #STRONG.

 You’ll most likely recognise the look & feel of neoprene from your closest surfer pals’ wardrobe attire - wetsuits. But, you may have overlooked some of the designer accessories your Mumma friends, gym buddies, beach babes and fellow yogis are donning.

 Why we ADORE this fabric

Like the magical Mary Poppins’ bag, neoprene accessories always seem to fit that extra water bottle, towel, scrunchie or nappy! Adored by designers & creators, neoprene is a go-to fabric thanks to its structures and properties. The material is stretchy & flexy (like me, midway through a Vinyasa flow) and so lightweight your neck & shoulders wouldn’t even know you were carrying literally everything you own.

Broken straps, never. The strength of this fabric is next level. You could carry your dumbbells* to & from the gym in this bag and it’d still maintain it’s beautiful condition. Seriously though, bags (big and small) made with neoprene are PERFECT for us busy bees. From the gym to work, beach to groceries, mum-life duties to weekends away, you’ll never need (or want!) to switch from these simple & stylish accessories.

 * thinking of those 1-2kg pilates dumbbells when typing this...Not the 10+kgs we most definitely bicep curl at the gym!

Neoprene Gym Bag

 Fresh forever! Neoprene is machine washable. We’ll say that again. MACHINE WASHABLE. How amazing! Things get dirty, it just happens, no matter how careful you are. What sets neoprene accessories apart from other purses, handbags & totes, is that you can throw them in the wash and they come out looking good as new. Marks, stains & smells BE GONE. Plus, they dry super fast!

And our FAVE thing to do with this wonderful fabric is PRINT. We love the way print and patterns perform on this material. The colours stay true, even after so many washes. Our printed neoprenes are contemporary & classic.

 Add a little neoprene accessory into your life. You’ll never go back!

Neoprene Printed Bag






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