Kristina Forrest

How would you describe your work? 
Bright, bold and playful with an edgy twist :)

Can you give us some insight into your process for creating your artworks?
I like to come from different angles when creating my patterns as I love to explore new ways to create, some originate as drawings on my ipad or drawings/paintings on paper, I will then import them into Adobe Illustrator and others I create entirely within illustrator using tools within the program - the pen tool, blob brush, curvature tool and clipping masks are my favourites!

Is there a typical day in the studio or is every day different? 
Every day tends to be different, which suits me perfectly! I love variation :) I love to start my day with a walk, away from my phone to clear my head and daydream about what's upcoming for me. On a typical day I will either be designing patterns, working on patterns for clients or working on original artworks ( I have a solo exhibition coming up later in the year!) There's always a lot of behind the scenes work when running your own creative business as well, such as newsletters, keeping my website up to date, posting artwork orders and more.

What inspires you when you are creating your artworks?
I'm as much inspired by our urban environment and travelling to big cities as I am by the bright colours and natural lines in nature, so my work plays across both - sometimes using edgy modern, abstract shapes and other times plants & animals but always playing with bright colour to keep consistent in my style.
What would your dream project/collaboration be (apart from working with Consequence of Change!? 
Omg, I'm so excited to collaborate with Consequence of Change. I have always wanted to collaborate with a puzzle company that would be so much fun, and my dream is to license with a fabric company. I'm a sewist as well and would love for other people to be able to purchase and sew with my designs.

Who are your favourite artists and why? 
 I'm completely enamoured with French duo, Atelier Bingo. Their colours speak the language of my soul.  I also love Sasha Ignatiatdou - she does really intricate paintings and drawings of women, featuring florals and bright colours, I love her style. There's so many incredible modern artists out there, too many to name! 

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