How We Started

Consequence of Change was founded in 2019 by Melbourne-based Beverley Johnson.  

Beverley Johnson Consequence of Change

As a brand that embraces change, Consequence of Change works closely with artists to create unique pieces of art to adorn their bags. Each bag features unique artworks, designed specifically with the bag’s unique shape and features in mind, and is created as a limited run that is never repeated.

Our vision is simple; we want to bring people together through their love of not only sustainable fashion, but also through a love of art and supporting artists on a global scale. 

It’s an exciting time for emerging artists, illustrators and graphic designers, with the rise of the internet opening more doors and offering more opportunities than ever before. It’s never been easier for artists to reach like-minded communities and gain a global following.

While emerging marketplaces such as RedBubble, Society6, CafePress and Zazzle have opened the door for artists to showcase and sell their art on a range of products ~ from phone cases to pillows ~ they have also stifled the earning potential of their artists. 

Our driving mission at Consequence of Change is to transform the industry as it stands by paving the way for artists to showcase their work, while simultaneously aligning their values and believes with a brand that champions good.

Our artists are treated with respect and compensated fairly for their work; something that should go without saying.

We are passionate about giving artists a platform for their work, and we chose to take it a step further by collaborating with designers to create limited-edition bags and apparel that allows our customers to carry their art with them wherever they choose to go.

Valuing artists 

We’ve raised the bar by offering a partnership with artists that protects the integrity of their work. We use high-quality fabrics that complement their designs and don’t undermine its value. We commission or licence the work and offer fair compensation that allows artists to thrive rather than just survive. We not only promote their work but also champion the artists by including an artist biography and their Instagram handle on our website. 

Limited pieces

Because our pieces, and the artwork they exhibit, are truly unique, we choose to limit their availability. For this reason, we limit our productions to small runs of only 50 pieces. This way, only a small number of people are able to own their work, and we maintain it’s their unique value.

Our mission is to support the art community bu opening doors for other collaborations and gallery exhibitions, and it’s our hope ~ our dream ~ to eventually give back to our collaborators through an exclusive exhibition showcasing Consequence of Change products.

Our goal is to make art affordable and accessible. We believe that everybody deserves to own art that speaks to them on a unique and personal level that they can showcase on a daily basis.

To get your hands on one of our limited-edition products, you can view our range here.

Remember to be quick, because once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.


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