How Our Products End Up On Your Shoulders

Our products ~ from concept to design ~ are as unique as the artists who inspire them.

Each item is designed in collaboration with a local artist who has something to share with the world. Since our launch in 2019, we’ve been very particular about who we work with; choosing to work with artists and illustrators who have a tangible passion for their creations, translating into fresh, inspired designs for your collection.

Our Canvas Tote Bags and Day to Night Bags are designed for your every day. Whether you’re riding your bike to class, doing your weekly shop or catching the train to work, they’re designed to hold all of your daily essentials securely, with an internal zip pocket and a magnetic holder. Everything from your laptop to your pencil has its designated area.

Consequence of Change Day to Night Bag

Designed with ease in mind, they’re crafted with long, thick over-the-shoulder straps to ensure you’re carrying your essentials in comfort. Their large inside zip pockets are perfect for storing those easy to lose items (because who’s got time to fumble for your keys/phone/Myki in a rush?), and a carefully curated design so you can take your art on an adventure!

But how does each bag actually come to be?

The Dream

Well, it begins with an inkling, a thought, an idea. If think we have it, we do our market research to make sure it’s up your alley as well as ours. Once we’re sure our designs are hitting the mark ~ both aesthetically and functionally ~ we begin to put together our range. 

The first thing we do is get in touch with artists we’re into (or they get in touch with us) and work on creating the next works of art for our new collection.

 For our latest collection ~ launching mid-July ~ we collaborated with the incredibly talented Alison Willoughby (@alison.willoughby) for our new collection of bags - including our new Agent Bag, Backpack and Belt bag. This new range was designed from a personal desire to create a product that’s not only exceptional to look at but also highly functional and made from recycled poly. Collaborating with our artists tends to be the most exhilarating part of our design process, with the added bonus of allowing us to get our creative juices flowing. 

The Specifics 

Once we’ve finalised our designs, we then work closely with our production manager to create a tech pack for our manufacturer. Each tech pack is incredibly detailed, outlining all the specialist elements of our bags along with our specified eco-friendly fabric requirements. Once this is packaged up with the artwork we send it off to our makers to bring our designs to life.

Manufacturing is arguably the most important part of the process, and we make conscious decisions to help reduce not only our carbon footprint but the carbon footprint of our industry. Our factories are carefully selected to meet our very strict ethical criteria, and we try very hard to use natural or recycled materials. We also made the decision to limit our collection runs to help reduce waste, so you can shop with a conscience when you purchase our products.

Consequence of Change

The Delivery

The final piece of our sustainable puzzle is getting our products delivered to your door. We’re still working hard to increase our sustainability as a brand, and take pride in avoiding plastic packaging for all of our goods so you can get your hands on our travelling pieces of art and keep feeling good about what you’re doing for our earth.  Our bags are delivered to you in compostable bags with a handwritten note.

The entire process, starting with a concept sketched on paper to it landing on your doorstep, usually takes around four months. It can sometimes feel like a lengthy process, but it’s worth it to ensure you’re receiving a desirable fashion bag, with the highest materials and hardware for your everyday travels.

It’s art you can take anywhere!

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