Q & A with Anna Cole

How would you describe your work? I would describe my work as colourful, full of interlocking shapes and                    patterns. Its c...

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Q & A with Niketa Law

How would you describe your work? I would say it’s a combination of Traditional and Contemporary Aboriginal Art. I pay homage to my Traditional roo...

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Art Work by Melanie Macilwain -This beautiful artwork imprinted on bags of consequence of Change

Melanie Macilwain

  How would you describe your work?As always bright and big but currently, my colour matching has some tension. It's moved away from being so heav...

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Bright and bold colors artwork by Kasey Rainbow-Available on Consequence of Change-Just visit

Kasey Rainbow

  How would you describe your work? COLOURFUL! Haha. I am naturally drawn to colour and therefore this is reflected in my work. I like my designs ...

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Print On Print Design Canvas Bag-Beautiful Color Combination Bags-Consequence Of Change

Why we love print on print

Prep Your Wardrobe for #PrintOnPrint, the ultimate Power Play. Daunted thinking about wearing one pattern, let alone two (or three or four!)? It’s ...

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Talented Designer Sian Roper-Consequence of Change-Having Beautiful designs designed By Sian Roper

Q & A with Sian Roper

How would you describe your work? Busy, bold and bright! I love drawing women and celebrating themes of female empowerment, self love and self exp...

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Routine of Fabi Aguilar-Beautiful designs by Fabi Aguilar-Consequence Of Change

Q & A with Fabi Aguilar

How would you describe your work? Colourful, very colourful.   Can you give us some insight into your process for creating your artworks? It depen...

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Nature color Pallet design by Emma Winton-Available on Consequence Of Change-Colorful Canvas Bag

Q & A with Emma Winton

How would you describe your work?  I would describe my work as vibrant and playful. I’m influenced by anything nature related, fashion trends ...

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Life of Marni Stuart-Creative Designer-There beautiful designs are also print on our Bags-Consequence of change

Q & A with Marni Stuart

  How would you describe your work? My surface patterns celebrate the endemic flora of Australia, intermingling it with elements of nostalgia. Ima...

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