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I'm a passionate lover of the arts. My son is the main reason behind starting my brand. I noticed how he would submit work to websites like Red Bubble and Society 6 and be lucky if he got $2 for his work. Not only that there was no sense of exclusivity as his pieces could be put on anything.  So I set out to explore how I could work with artists in a more meaningful way, to create bespoke bags. Collaborating with artists, illustrators and graphic designers from all around the globe makes everyday wonderful.  I so hope you love what we do and become part of our community.  Beverley - Founder xxxx

More than just a fashion label

We are working every day to become as sustainable as possible. The materials we use, our exclusive smaller collection runs, and our packaging are focused on minimising the impact to our planet. Our creations are built to last and their limited nature elevates them to collector item status.

In addition to this, we support the upward social mobilisation of marginalised communities wherever we can. An initiative with our full support is the Sewing the Seeds project – a programme dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty for women in India. $1 from each Consequence of Change sale goes towards supporting this incredibly worthy foundation.

By purchasing a C of C piece, you are actively participating in the rising fortunes of others – both emerging artists and vulnerable communities. There is really no reason we can’t live responsibly and look good as we do it...

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Must-have pieces that bring art to life

Fashion and art are inseparable. At Consequence of Change, we have a purpose that reaches beyond aesthetics. We create limited edition art bags and provide a platform for emerging artists to step into the limelight. Each piece tells a story and says as much about the wearer as about the artwork. They’re bold, considered, and focused on a new approach to fashion. Ethical trading is high on our list of priorities. We work with recycled materials and 100% cotton.

Our carefully curated artists breathe life into moving canvases that start a conversation. Each piece is crafted with care, and actively encourages a new perspective on fashion. Our unique pieces are created with longevity in mind – this is not fast fashion. This is keep-and-love-forever, wearable art.

“We curate bespoke wearable art bags in collaboration with emerging designers and artists. An illustration to be admired on the train, a bag you can tuck under your arm, swing across your shoulder, or carry on your back. An original piece just for you. This is Consequence of Change. Art you can take anywhere.”

Beverley Johnson • Founder • Consequence of Change

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