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More than just a fashion label

Oh, hey you! We’re Consequence of Change.

And we’re not your average fashion
label. We’re a small (but super passionate) brand based in
Melbourne, Australia. We collaborate with local artists to create colourful and quirky, limited edition bags and apparel. Bringing colour and joy to your everyday.



Girl wearing Indigenous printed top - Consequence of Change
On sale

Boxy Top - featuring art by Niketa Law

$79.00 $95.00
Sewing The Seeds Handmade Tote - Consequence of Change
On sale
The Arches Mini Phone Bag - Consequence of Change
On sale

Mini Phone Bag - only 4 left

$50.00 $79.00
The A Symmetrical Bag - Neoprene - Black and White
On sale
Black & White Heads Knot Bag - Consequence of Change
On sale
Cat Belt Bag - Consequence of Change
On sale

Cat Belt Bag - only 2 left

$50.00 $69.00

Our pick of the week

Girl wearing vegan leather shoulder bag with pastel colour abstract print

Consequence of Change

The Reversible Shopper x Sara Deane

$89 $139

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We are all about colour and comfort with our dress shapes. We also only use eco vero fabrics which are made from wood pulp.

Oversized Dress x Niketa Law


We’re working hard to become as sustainable as possible. The materials we use, our small runs, and our packaging are focussed on minimising our impact on the planet. Ethical trading is high on our list of priorities. We work with recycled & organic materials to create pieces that are gentle on the planet, and designed to last a lifetime. There’s more to us than aesthetics. Our purpose is to support the arts by giving artists a platform to showcase their work. Plus our ongoing partnership with Sewing The Seeds Project through sales of our charity bag made by them. The charity provides support to marginalised women residing in India, enabling them to develop economic independence through their craft.


Hey there, I am Beverley, the person behind the brand. I have been in the fashion industry for over 15 years and 4 years ago I decided to take all of my learnings and start my own brand. I am also a passionate lover of the arts so for me it made sense to combine my two loves - art & fashion to create Consequenceof Change. I realised there was a need for artists to be paid fairly for their work, while providing them with exclusivity and the autonomy to decide how their pieces were printed. Mass production? It’s a #nothanks from me. Earning $2 for the art you spent hours creating? Also a #nothanks. We’re not your average fashion label, and I'm not your average Founder. Don't let anyone dull your sparkle x

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